Forensic Autograph Authentication
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Forensic Autograph Authentication Process
Forensic Autograph Authentications Digital Review is a web based autograph verification service that takes the risk out of
learning whether your collectible or the item that you plan on buying is truly genuine.
​Our Experts have done work for many well known Auction Houses throughout the UK, Europe and USA.
During examination, each signature is carefully and independently examined. FAA utilizes authentication based on forensics including ink/medium analysis, object evaluation, side by side autograph structure analysis. On bulk items FAA conducts a pedigree and chain of custody investigation.
Once the forensic authentication is complete, A Certificate Of Authenticity will be issued and assigned an 8 digit cert number and entered into our data base for future verification .

When an autographed item is submitted to Forensic Autographs Authentication Service’s experts for authentication it goes through a rigorous 5 step process to determine the validity of the handwriting, and/or signatures upon the piece in question.


This first step of this process more significantly resembles what is commonly known as handwriting analysis, or forensic handwriting evaluation. This entertains an extremely detailed study of every nuance, component and letter within the handwriting, and/or signature contained upon the document, or item in question.

These nuances include: Signature Flow – Letter Angle – Style – Spontaneity – Starts – Stops


This second authentication step is used to respond to questions, such as: Has the ink penetrated and permeated the item in question, or does it simply lay on the surface suggesting that it could have been recently handwritten? Is the type and consistency of ink used in the item consistent with those used when the autographed item was thought to have been written?


Depending on what the signature is upon, a completely different set of interrogatories must be considered. After a careful determination of the complexities of the product in question, several distinct characteristics must be evaluated.

If the autographed item is a piece of memorabilia like a guitar, drum head, pick guard, record album, or laser disc even more complex and time-consuming autograph authentication methods are used to properly age the item to the signature.


This step by step process uses verified authentic signatures, and handwriting pieces known as exemplars that are copies of validated authentically handwritten products for reference. AAS has an extensive time correlated library filled with volumes upon volumes of handwritten materials from industry artists of the entertainment industry from both music and motion pictures collected over the last 50 years.



Upon completion of the Forensic Autograph authentication process, and an item has passed the 4 steps of authentication, the item is tagged and given a specific number for certification. This tag is in the form of 2 stickers, one to be placed upon the item, and the other to be tagged upon our Letter Of Authenticity.


In addition to the item itself being tagged, a corresponding document, called a Letter of Authenticity (LOA), is issued with the identical serial number. The stickers are tamper-resistant and if removed still leave specific DNA traces that can be validated, if necessary.